Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mypage5 - another way to earn money

Hi there I just want to update my fellow readers about my social networking site MYPAGE5, in my previous blog about this site I wrote about the site and how you can earn money there. I also posted proof of payment so people will not be judgemental about the credibility of the site. Well I am happy today because I got message from Admin that they already received my personal message to them regarding my "payment request." This would be my second payment in mypage5, so I am really excited. Admin told me that I will be receiving my money on 15th of September its far from now but its ok, most importantly I know that I have something to wait from them.



Just to give you some update about their minimum payout still its $50 BUT they are planning to reduced it by $25 because many members are asking for it. This is a good news for every members, now we can achieve this in a month just be active =)

Well to all my fellow Mypage5 members goodluck and to those who are not yet member of mypage5 its never too late JUST CLICK this link


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