Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Many people are asking about PAYPAL particularly in my earning sites members are keep on asking how they can have an account on paypal and how they can withdraw their money after having an account. So I decided to write a blog regarding PAYPAL - the SAFER, EASIER WAY TO PAY for the things you love. I come up with my PAYPAL account because its needed in all my earning sites. They paid me through Paypal. I'm glad that signing up in Paypal doesnt required anything. And the good thing is that its FREE OF COST.

So here's the link for you to sign up in PAYPAL, click HERE

For those who are asking how they can withdraw their money from PAYPAL to your bank account. Here are some informartions:

Withdraw funds
PayPal offers the following options for withdrawing funds from your PayPal account.

Options Processing time Cost
Withdraw funds to your bank account Banks in the Philippines
2-4 business days Free
for P7,000.00 PHP or more

P50.00 PHP
for P6,999.99 PHP or less

Banks in the U.S.
3-4 business days Free
for banks in the U.S.
Withdraw funds to your card 5-7 business Days $5.00 USD

UPON withdrawing your money you just have to provide informations about your local bank account. Its easy and comfortable way to get your money from paypal. I am happy that i found PAYPAL now my earnings in my online site can be easily transfer to my local bank account. =) I hope this helps, goodluck and happy earnings =)


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