Monday, June 11, 2012

My initial $5 investment from Fx7 Pro Got Back

I tried Fx7 Pro 10 days ago. I only invested $5 so it will not cause any burden on my part if something happens. But I was thankful because after 10 days my $5 initial investment got back. These are my proof of payments. Actually, if you are using Payza (before Alertpay) you can withdraw if you have $1 in your FX7 Pro account. Instead of withdrawing every other day I just withdraw when my funds reached $2 and $3. So all in all I got $5 which is my initial investment.

My initial investment has 10 more days to go before its maturity. So daily I will get 50 cents and a total of $5 after its maturity. So it’s true your investment can be doubled in 20 days.

I know it’s hard for everybody to trust but $5 investment I don’t think it’s too much to let go. Give Fx7 Pro a try and see your investment doubles.

If you want to join and ready to invest as low as $5 then click the banner above or simply CLICK THIS.  

Fx7 Pro offers a single plan paying 10% per day for 20 calendar days.


reese said...

is this the site na sinasabi mo to invest my money?
hmmm...try ko nga

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