Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Working on my Template ..

Yesterday I wrote about my new template and the problems I am facing with it. And now it’s not yet over sigh, thank you for letting me know that my comment section was having problem also. It’s weird for me because other visitors can comment on my previous posted blog. So I decided to change again my template but this is not final I mean I am still experimenting for the right template for me.

Anyway, thank you all especially those who dropped messages in my shoutbox. I’m not really aware of my comment section. Anyway, have to finish for my template and find more suitable for my blog … will be back!


Proudmommyandwifey said...

Like you, I also kept on changing the template of some of my blogs. I spend several hours tweaking only to discard everything if I'm not contented in the end. Hubby is the first to complain because I always bother him to fix some coding if I can't fix it myself. Hope you'll get the template that you like and that will inspire you to keep on posting. Have a great day:)

Dhemz said...

good luck on working on it sis!

Pearl said...

mona, bakit kaya white lang ang lumalabas na background ng blog mo dito sa compu ko? baka nagaayos ka pa ulti ano? God bless. musta blogging? may bago kang raket?

supermommyjem said...

Hi Mona,

I hope you can find the best template for your blog. Mahirap talaga kapag nagpalit ng template daming adjustment but anyway sana successful ang bagong template mo. With the previous template, Ok naman for me.

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