Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New template BUT need help!

Regular visitors will notice that I have new template. Yes, new template again, I can’t count on my fingers how many times I changed it. There’s always a time that I feel that I’m unhappy with the background of my blog. So here I am again with my new template when I first saw this I grab it. But after I uploaded it I noticed problems like my NAVIGATION BAR. I find it not pleasing to the eyes. My pages in navigation bar should be on one line but you can see that’s not what happened. To be honest I am not really good when it comes to editing or making code. Next problem, is BADGES in the bottom of my page, some badges are not align I have no idea how to make it appealing. What else? Hmmm my GOOGLE ADSENSE; it should be appear right after every post but it didn’t work. Some said that maybe it’s because of the template. So now you can see adsense in my sidebar this is fine but the problem is the color of it. I want to make the background of adsense similar to my template but I’m not successful with this. I can’t find the easy way to handle this problem. Well, this is for today if I can’t find any way to handle these problems maybe I should change my template again L
So dear readers any help? Thanks again and happy reading!


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