Sunday, November 22, 2009


ABS-CBN Channel 2 will once again air Boys Over Flowers or BOF and the good thing is that it will be in primetime bida.I dont know when will it start but I am so excited to watch it. I haven't watched its full episodes yet. I used to watched in youtube but unfortunately not all episodes can be found there that's why I planned to buy a DVD to watch it but I don't have time to go out. so when I heard that it will be aired at night made me really excited. One thing is for sure, because of its time slot i wouldn't miss any of its episode.
As far as I remeber, there are 3 versions of this show. One is the Meteor Garden of Taiwan (I used to be an avid fan of this show from the very start. In fact after I watched the full episodes on tv, I bought a dvd.  Another one is Hana Yori Dango from Japan (hope i am right heheh) I dont see this version yet. And now here's BOF or Boys over Flower  Korean version. I hope this time i will finish watching it so that I can compare and choose which one is the best. But i think I shouldn't compare them for each character and story are very cute and entertaining in their own way .

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About my day,  Sunday was just fine, we attended mass early in the morning. After that we go malling and as usual Kyla enjoyed those mini rides.


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