Friday, October 30, 2009

Third payment from Pixprofit

This is my third payment already in Pixprofit. For all my readers who doesnt know about pixprofit its a site where you will encode CAPTCHA. Once you encode 3000T captcha you can now request for your earnings. 3000T captcha equivalent to $3, the good thing about the site is they process earnings daily. I love the site but sometimes i am tired working because you need to be patience and you have to focus on what you are encoding. The more you encode right words the more you have captcha to encode. I still working in the site but now maybe i will spend 1-2 hours only.. Because its really a tiring job for me although it pays really. But i am recommended this one if you love encoding captcha. Anyway here's my proof of payment.


MsFit said...

Wow that is a really good payment.

MsFit @ $ Quests 4 Cash- Your Source For Cash Online $

king said...

Nice, bro. I will give it a try!

Anonymous said...

how can i work on this site?

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