Saturday, October 24, 2009

My payment in GGNshare ...

In my previous blog i wrote about GGNshare, i said that i will withdraw my money if i reach 500 AP or Activity Point. But you can withdraw once you reach 100 AP which is $1. But i change my mind i decided to withdraw my money and see for myself if the site really pay members. I am glad that its true they sent the money already in my Paypal account within 24 hours. Some members said that they received only 66 cents because Paypal deducted more than 30 cents, so i was expected it also but to my surprise i got 99 cents meaning Paypal deducted only 1 cent. I dont know why Paypal deducted different fee but i guess i am a verified member so they deducted only 1 cent but i'm not sure. Anyway, happy that only 1 cent unlike other member. I reached another payment in the site but Standard member allow to withdraw payment once a week unlike Gold member that anytime they can withdraw their earnings. So right now i am thinking if i ill upgrade my account it cost $2.50 per month. Will see in the coming days if I will upgrade my account because i heard you will be benificial if your account is Gold. So will see .... Anyway, i would like to say thank you to LdeL she's the one who invited me to join the site.

Here's my proof of payment:


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