Sunday, August 23, 2009

How Do I started working Online sites - Part II

Its tiring day, me and my daughter attended mass early in the morning in the mall after that we go malling for the whole day. Anyway, as promise I will continue to write on how I started working online.... This is the continuation =) While working on Mypage5, i am doing also EZIHIPPO, its a social networking site its almost the same like Mypage5. I am glad that I received payment from them amounting to $21 but its sad also because after a month ezihippo was shutdown without giving any reason. Sorry to those who did not receive any payment from ezihippo, i am just lucky that i had been paid.

First week of June i checked my account in MYLOT if its still working, happy that still i can connect to the site. So i started working again in Mylot after 7 or 9 months of being inactive in the site. At the end of the month i reached my first payout in Mylot which is $10, so i continue to work in the site last July I also reached payout so happy with Mylot. I am glad that i came back with the site and I regret leaving them for a long time.

SOCINTS came to me, i just saw in the discussion from Ezihippo that one particular member was won in the site Socints. So i dont waste my time and search for the site .... dont remember but iN less than a month in the site I won already $10 credited to my paypal account. You can read more information about Socints in my previous blog. Anyway, I am still member of Socints and still trying my luck maybe one day i will get something again in the site.

While working in all social networking sites, i also tried my luck with PTC sites, like I mentioned in my blog i have 3 legit PTC sites, Trek Pay, Neobux and Joy-Click. Legit because they already paid me. Almost forgot I also worked with Pickjack, i dont received much money with them but Pickjack helps me to promote my ezihippo account I mean I got referrals because i posted in the comment section my referral link so i guess thats how i reaced payout in Ezihippo easily. Recently, just received surprise payment from Pickjack without doing anything in the site =)

Now, i tried to do my personal blog, and i come up with this one, i thought its easy but its not but everyday I was learning. They said you can earn money while writing a blog so I hope my blog will give me better money.

I tried also working with other sites, but i will not mention it because i dont receive any money with them but I know they are all genuine site but I dont really have time working with them. Now, my priority were Mypage5, Mylot, Socints, my 3 PTC sites, my blog, and ... prefer not to mention =)

Anyway, just want to say thank you to all my friends in all my earning sites, I will not mention their names but I know they already know who I am referring to... Thanks to all your help and God speed!


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