Saturday, August 22, 2009

How do I started working online sites - Part I

I thought earning online is easy but its not. You need more patience, knowledge and you need to devote your time. Now, i am working to some of legit earning sites, i am glad that i dont encounter any scam sites. Many of earning sites are scam especially PTC (Paid to CLick) so i am working only 3 ptc sites and i'm glad that they are all genuine site

How do i started working online, i am stay-at-home mom and I need something to do beside taking care of my daughter ...I should make my time worthy. So i searched for any works that i can do while online. The first site that cross with me was MYLOT - it was September 2008 but i dont stay in the site for a long time maybe just a week. I am first timer in earning sites and I find my earnings was very slow. So i left the site and CIAO came to me, they really pay well. I got $126 in total in Ciao but after 3 months of joining, Asian members were banned in the site and i am affected by that action. I feel very sad that time because money in Ciao was really fast. But no choice have to see for another earning site/s - I dont remember how i came in MYPAGE5 thats the next site i encountered after Ciao - I am still working with the site. i joined them in the midst of April and happy to say that I received my first payment with the site, now i am waiting for my second payment ...

I need to pause first I am sleepy already its 11:37pm now, need to sleep but continue to write my journey in my online site tomorrow. For now enjoy reading my first post regarding my earning online experienced ... thanks for reading and feel free to write comment (including my grammar hahah) .... i am not a good writer but trying =)


Jovelito Avila said...

Hello Mhona, your CIAO experience was one of those success stories that end up miserably in the end. Why are asian banned in CIAO?

w0rkingAth0mE said...

yah,.. eventhough it was happened i still love ciao .. but they are already shutting down .. Anyway sbi nila lagi raw nagcocopy paste :( --- Damay lahat!!!!

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