Saturday, February 16, 2013

Staying Connected Despite the Distance

Globalization has spanned across borders and ocean to create more meaningful careers and create opportunities for companies, businesses as well as for families. These days, companies with an outsourced back office or technical support crew are no longer an uncommon practice. This is done to cut administrative costs and reach out to cheaper labor options from other countries. There are also instances when skilled personnel needs to travel to each field office to check how things are running or if he or she is called for some important tasks. Because of the tediousness of traveling great distances, the use of audio conferencing has boomed in recent years.

Video calls used to be utilized for personal connection with friends and families who have relocated and settled in another country, but soon after, companies also resorted to [conference calls on Skype] because of its cost-effectiveness. They are easily available for day to day interactions and small business meetings. Yet for more sophisticated multi-national companies, using free services for audio conferencing can prove to be nuisance especially if there are a lot of participants from different parts of the world. So for these important meetings and online presentations, a more reliable conferencing provider is needed.

Online conferencing can help companies and individuals minimize their travel expenses and have more time at hand to deal with issues and work needed from them. There are many types of audio conferencing, and depending on the needs of your company, you can either choose to have teleconferencing, web conferencing and phone video conferencing. All these are designed to help you save huge amounts of money. With a minimum capital for phone and video equipment or web conferencing software, you can easily connect with different field offices when the need arises. Both the professional and the personal fields can benefit from these facilities, there are More ideas here!


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