Saturday, September 1, 2012

How to beat the heat?

In our country we have only dry and wet season. Normally, by mid of June to December wet or rainy season starts to take over. But it’s already September and the weather is just like summer. It’s really hot; our temperature is 34 degrees during daytime and sometimes lowered to 31 degrees in the evening. And because of this we are using air-conditioning regularly. Before we only used air conditioning during summer but today as I said the temperature is high so we have no choice but to use air conditioning daily to feel better and have a good sleep.

We all know using air conditioning regularly can be a burden because we need to pay high electric bills. But we have no choice but to use it regularly to have better sound sleep. I guess we just have to do something to avoid paying high electricity. I heard before cleaning the filter is one way to reduce electricity. We have to clean it regularly so the dust will not just stay in the filter which resulted to poor performance of an air conditioning. 

Anyway, a friend online brought me to this website which features heating and cooling needs. I will browse the site further so I can learn about their products and pass it on to my relatives abroad. They need heating products because winter is coming already. And here in our place need to find high quality air conditioning to beat this weather we have now. 


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