Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Adgitize to Close

I’m really sad while reading words from Adgitize. I’ve been using Adgitize for almost 2 years already (2 years and 6 months) to be exact. At first, I was just a publisher but later on I started to advertise my blog. Adgitize really a big help especially to my blogs because it gives real traffic to my blogs. Even though, I don’t promote my blogs I don’t have any worries because I know Adgitize will do it for me. But now they are about to close. I’m relying on them to make my blogs noticeable so how come they will close, really sad news for me. Anyway, if you are clueless on what I am saying I copied the message from the forum in Adgitize.

I regret to inform you that we are closing Adgitize. We have enjoyed working with all of you over the last 3 years and we hope that you have enjoyed our services. Adgitize tried to fill a niche market but the costs to run the business were more than the revenues generated. Here is what to expect over the next 30 days.
Beginning on December 27th, 2011, you will not be able to open any new accounts. We will shut down the ability to create or renew any ads. On January 1st, 2012, we will officially stop showing ads and all member publishers will NOT receive revenue for any Adgitize Ads shown. If you had an ad running with us we will refund a prorated portion of your ad price.
Prorated portion of ad price means if you have an ad running and it expires on January 15th, 2012 then we will send you a PayPal payment of 15/31st of the purchase price. If the purchase price was $14 then you will receive $6.77 USD from Adgitize. We expect to make all payments to refund advertisers fees by January 4th, 2012. If you want payment by check then you will have to wait until after the 12th of January before we send those payments out.
We will send PayPal ad refunds to the PayPal address you have on file with us. To verify that your PayPal email address is valid check the Profile section of Adgitize.
Payouts for publishers and affiliates for the month of December will run on the normal schedule and should be complete by January 10th, 2012, except for those requesting checks which won't be processed until January 12th, 2012. There is a processing fee of $5.00 per check if your preferred payment method is by check. All publishers with monies owed them who have given us a valid payment method will be paid from $0.01 USD and up.
If you have chosen the credit service within Adgitize, we will payout those earnings to your PayPal address on file with us.
We expect all services and websites to be taken out of service by January 31st, 2012. If you have not given us a proper payment method to send your earnings by that date then there will be no way to make payment to you and you will forfeit those earnings.
To communicate with us over the next 31 days feel free to use the contact us link, the forum or the blog comment section. We will be monitoring each of those communication methods until the web site is shut down.
What you should do. Make sure you have given us a valid PayPal address or street address to send your money to. Remove all Adgitize Ad Groups from your blogs. (You will stop receiving points and revenues from them after December 31, 2011).
I am sorry this is the decision we had to make and wish you the best in blogging for the new year and beyond.
Ken Brown 


chrisair said...

I am sad also most of my traffics are coming from adgitize also and now we need to put extra effort on oour blogs now

Pinx said...

aawwsss..this is so sad... gagay has been convincing me ever since to become an advertiser... tapos ngayon, magco-close na...

ladyguinevere28 said...

HI Mona,

Kalungkot naman ito na news.Saan na kaya ako kukuha ng traffic nito?


carinamodella said...

really? i'm not actively blogging for how many months now and so surprised about this news.
btw, medyo nalito ako dun sa voting mechanics, di ko makita yun entries ng mga kasali :(

reese said...

oh, you posted na pala the sad news

Belle said...

Oh my gully sis!!! D ko pa nga na ayos ang adgi ko.

Rosemarie said...

I've been a member of adgitize for a year. I never tried advertizing so my earning is below $10 for the whole time that i've been adgitizing (on and off). I wonder if i can still get my earning now that its closing.

chubskulit said...

Hayyyy haba ng tinype ko only to realize di pala nakalagay yung cursor sa comment box wahhh.

As I was saying, I hate to see Adgitize go because they it's the only one that's very transparent to it's members. Miss ko na din visitors ko from adgitize.

anne said...

Yeah it saddened me really that they closed it. Hindi pa naman inaprovve ni entrecard yung Sahm’s Dining Diary ko wahhh

Dave Lucas said...

Adios Adgitize, no great loss there! Stick with Entrecard! Even a few "drops" a day, and enjoy blogging without worry! Peaceful Blessings in this new year of 2012!

carinamodella said...

hay, until now di ako makapaniwala :(

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