Thursday, November 3, 2011

Site to download Mp3's

I am a music lover though I haven’t blessed with an angelic voice. But despite of, it will not cause me to stop loving music. I’ve been searching all these times to get music online but sometimes I always got virus. It’s really hard to trust any kind of sites. So recently, I was very careful on downloading or getting mp3’s, videos and a like online.

I’ve learned from a friend about mp3mixx. This site is offering wide collection of mp3’s in stored from almost 50,000 artists. So, it means they have millions of tracks available for downloading in their database. If you are into hard rock to rap music, metal to pop, and even your favorite jazz and blues artists don’t you worry it can be found in the music store. Various popular artists’ who have songs in their site are Kings of Leon and Green Day to Shakira and Lady GaGa. And if you are looking for some oldies songs and alternative music it’s also available in the site. I’ll tell you almost all the songs that you are looking for are available in this site. You can enjoy also the hottest and top music charts today.

The database is updated daily. They also add hundreds of albums every day so you can download latest albums and listen to it. If you want to know the latest US Chart, UK Chart, EU Chart and even World Chart they are ready to download.

Anyway, as I said earlier one of the problems I encountered during downloading is the virus I got. But with this site you are guaranteed that it’s free of virus and the legality is not a problem. Aside from that piracy problems can be solve because you are buying songs directly from your favorite artists. The format is mp3 so listening is quite easy and can be played in any player supporting this format. Aside from that you can easily burn audio CD’s or listen music on your iPod and MP3 players.

Hmmm, I am so excited to purchase and download mp3’s in their database. You guys can enjoy also millions of tracks just go to their site and buy music now. Just create an account and you’re on your way to enjoy your favorite songs and artists. About the price of the songs they are much cheaper compared to other sites. They accept payments through Master Card, Visa and bank transfer. 


Ms. Burrito said...

Sounds interesting Tita, thanks for visiting!

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

honestly i do not know how to download MP3 hehehe never had ipod, Mp3 and never tried downloading music either

fashioneggpplant said...

tnx for sharing! :)

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Techie Liz said...

Just be careful when downloading MP3s. Some sites have virus or spyware in them. :)

Dhemz said...

great info! am not using my MP3 anymore...hehehhe!

boat loader said...

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