Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Getting started in Small Business

Nowadays, working as an employee is not enough to satisfy our needs and wants in life. And with the born of different technologies and gadgets we have to admit that somehow we wanted to get it. Being just an employee of a certain company is not enough to get all those stuffs. So for me the best thing is to engage with business. We can start from small business and with the right supervised sooner or later it might be a huge business.

And just like the other people I dream of starting a small business ever since but due to lack of money and spirits to have one it ended nothing. But still I do not lose hope that one day I will start my own business. It’s best to start business when you know you are ready enough and you have all the resources to use. Right now, I kept on reading different articles about business in magazines, books and read a lot online so I will be ready when time comes. It’s hard to engage in business if you know nothing it will surely ends up to bankruptcy. I am thankful because there are many resources that you can read on how business can be successful. Small business training is also available; I think this is one factor that we have to know before engaging in business. As I said don’t just jump to start business proper training before the business is a must. I’ve known friends who started a small business but they failed due to lack of training and closer look to their business. The worse thing was they let their employee to manage the business and they just come whenever they want to. So what will you expect? The business was closed for a long time. I don’t know why other people started a business but just wasted their money after. So if you want to engage in business make sure to give 100% of your time.

Aside from business training another important thing to consider is to find small business resources. Luckily, we have so many business resources that we can read in the books, magazine, business online resources and a lot more. We can find so many resources in order to start a small business. We just have to make aware of it. Aside from reading different things on how to boost business money is another concerned. And for me the number 1 concerned. How can we start a business if we don’t have capital? We have to admit not all people born with gold in bed. So we need to find resources in order to start our own business. We don’t have to worry because there are many resources or ways to get capital. One of them is to lend capital to our family, close friends and banks. And when you started already make sure to give all your best and be focused. For sure the small business might be the big business you’re dreaming for.

Anyway, I wish that I can start my own business. I prefer to start a food business because for sure this kind of business is well-liked since Filipino loves to eat. 


genny said...

me too wanted to put up my small business one day...crossing my fingers still kasi wala pa money...good luck sa food business mo in the future...:-)

Dhemz said...

buti pa dito daming moolah!

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