Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Looking for Medical Scrubs?

Last year I enrolled in 6 months careging class and we used scrubs as our uniform. Our uniform is really a simple blue scrub with pocket and the name of the school was written on it. Anyway, before the end of our course they let us work in hospital as our trainee. I saw different scrubs set during our stay in the hospital. I remember one physician who used scrub suit I don’t think that she was the doctor because of her clothes. I thought that doctor is just wearing all white. Well this doctor used scrub suit that really fashionable one. It’s not only a simple but with prints on it. Then I saw other nursing staff who wore scrub suits with character design on it.

Anyway, my niece will be graduating in her nursing course this month. She used to wear different scrub suit on her duty in different hospitals. But they used simple maroon scrub suit uniform. After her graduation she will have the chance to work in medical field. And now she can choose to wear different scrubs suit she likes. Maybe I will share to her where to buy medical scrubs. And not only that different accessories including scrub hats, medical coats, shirts and other related to hospital uniform is now available in different variety. 


Dhemz said...

bumabaha ang opps dito!

Heaven said...

What staff typically wears medical scrubs uniforms where you work? At many places I’ve been, only nurses and doctors wear scrubs, but now I see so many more occupations which prefer the adoption of scrubs uniforms. What do you think about this? I really like this practice since it presents a more professional and hygienic environment for patients.

shaker said...

get scrubs and uniforms when they are cheap, they are going to get expensive you know

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