Monday, February 28, 2011

Trekpay Bye-Bye Time?

Everytime I got money in trekpay I always said that it’s the best paid to click (ptc) for me. I received 5 payments from them since I started last year. I’m not sure but I think last January they transferred the payout in Alertpay. Because of this I rarely open my account with them because I don’t normally used alertpay. In fact Trekpay sent my last payment last January in Alertpay and until now I haven’t get the money. I have problem with my account in Alertpay so it’s hard for me to transfer it in my bank account here. To make it short I hardly ever open my account in Trekpay. The last time I clicked for them was a month ago and I was surprised to see now that my points earned are the same when I last checked it a month ago. So is it bye bye time for Trekpay?


Pinx said...

i used to be with trekpay too mon pero i stopped na, parang ang tagal kong maka-earn sa kanila. hehehe... by the way, please teach me how to put a badge code sa sidebar, di talaga ako marunong nyan... hehehe, tapos yung badge na ili-link sa site, pano yun gawin?

Steven Luck said...

The credits in my account is yet to be converted either -.-"" The last time they converted the credits was 5 January 2011. It has been more than a month since they last converted the credits. I wonder if it is going to be a scam soon. I am actually near to cash out >.<

I think they did the wrong strategy by saying they would come out with something great, with what-so-called Kooday, but they postponed it for a very long time, and when they came out with the Kooday, people were no longer that interested in TrekPay as they first joined it.

Hope it still pays... phew... >.<

Dhemz said...

nasa sau ang huling desisyon...ehehehe!

lee said...

i quit trekpay already when they transfered the payout to alertpay, wala akong alertpay account eh hahaha pero mas ang dahilan ko naiinip ako ang tagal ng payout...
dami ko comments ngayon... matagal ako di nakapagcomment eh, busy... hahaha

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