Friday, January 7, 2011

Thank you so much!

It’s first week of New Year and I am feeling lucky because I won in Pink Go Green Christmas Giveaway Contest. Actually I knew this before Christmas but I just received an email from Abcill of Pinkgogreen this morning. It’s an official winning notification after reading her email I finally said to myself that I really won in the contest. I am the second winner and will be receiving the ff: 

  • $ 10 or Php 400 via PayPal
  • 500 EC Credits (Mapeh Homepage)
  • 1-month space 125 x 125  (posted on Pink Go Green)
Not only that, I also won in Jaypee’s $3,500+ Christmas Giveaway. I am one of the winners of Globe Tattoo USB dongles courtesy of Abe Olandres ($20). I forgot to blog this thing but I knew this first day of January, it’s really a blessing.

Another thing to thankful is that I received my second payment from sponsored reviews today. I finished the job the other day and now the payment is in my paypal account.  I like to work with them because they paid so fast. I guess my paypal is feeling happy now J

So how’s your New Year? Wishing us more opps online :)


Mayet said...

lucky you!! here's to more opps;)

Silvergirl said...

congrats sis. hope more moolahh this year

zh3en22 said...

Wow, congrats. I never had any opportunity in sponsored reviews, lucky you...

Pinx said...

wow! congratulations mommy mona! what a way to start the new year! now you can afford to buy yourself a domain... hehehehe.. i'll ask pa my cousin if meron pa syang available na domain. will let you know!

Dothy said...

Congrats for winning Jaypee's contest too! With sponsored reviews, never had an opps with them. More earnings for you this year. :)

analou said...'s a good start for the new year. Hope more and more blessings will come to you and your family.

iamclarizze said...

wow, ganda ng pasok ng taon, daming blessings, congratz, kelan kya mangyayari sakin yan:(((

Dhemz said...

wohoo! way to go sis...ang swerte mo've been winning for the last months....:)

carinamodella said...

congrats! more money and opportunities to all bloggers!

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