Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Make Money With Your Blog

I just signed up in PostNjoy, this way i can make money from blog. I am clueless with the site when i joined them but hopefully i will be familiarized and earned with them.

What's PostNjoy?
PostNjoy is a platform that connects advertisers with bloggers who have own blog or social media. PostNjoy enables advertisers to operate the advertising campaigns at a much lower cost and bloggers can make money simply by reviewing and promoting other products, this will be the easiest way ever to make money blogging.

Features of PostNjoy
* No Pay Per Click Charges, Affordable Pay as You Go.
* Build buzz, publicity and word-of-mouth marketing among thousands of blogs.
* Honest and valuable feedback from thousands of bloggers and their audiences.
* Higher Search Engine Rankings and direct traffic from a highly targeted audience.
* Get Guaranteed Results!

Benefits of Blogger
PostNjoy will help you reach your ultimate goal of earning money from your blog.
We connect you with advertisers that are interested in sponsoring your blog, you post to your blog and get paid!
* Select subjects that you are interested in.
* Write your opinion about products and services on your blog.
* Create interesting and unique contents in your Blog.
* Publish in multiple blogs to earn more- The more you post the more money you get.
* All budgets will be paid to blogger except fee.
* There are various type of ads available because advertiser can make the ad campaign directly.
* Real-time information on posts and Opportunity status are available.
Make money by blogging, PostNjoy

Benefits of Advertiser
1. Spread Out Your products around the world
PostNjoy is the best way to promote your products and services. Advertisers can apply for opportunity to bloggers and provide requirements for bloggers those will promote their products and services through their own blog and social network and all postings are ranked by search engines and syndicated via RSS.
All postings are unique and are visible for at least 30 days although in practice most postings will actually reside on the blog forever.
2. Cost effective and easy to use platform
Advertiser can run their advertising campaigns at a much lower cost while getting the best quality possible and PostNjoy is set up to be easy for anyone creating an ad campaign.
PostNjoy will help deliver the ads to better bloggers and Bloggers will write their opinion on the service and products based on what advertiser provides.
3. Real-time information on your ads campaign!
PostNjoy can be used self-serve and conducted in a transparent manner to help you see all the process. We provide the ads status in real-time, so you will be able to see the accurate results in real-time.
4. Accurate and intuitive reports!
We collect all available data and provide accurate and intuitive reports through search engines.
5. Affordable & Easy Payment Process!
No Pay per Click Charges, Affordable Pay as You Go.
We gladly accept the payments through wire transfer, credit cards and PayPal.

Make money from your blog through PostNjoy


genny said...

nice info you recieve opps also from advertisers? like in other pai site?

RyHeAnNe said...

I am also a member of this site but I wonder if it pays. Did not do any task yet..

Pinx said...

sis, do they require self hosted blogs or puede lang blogspot?

Kayce said...

hmmm seems interesting sis... ill check it out din. thanks for sharing!

Dhemz said...

ngayon ko lang to narinig sis ah..thanks for sharing the info....:)

genny said...

hi mona, do i have to wait for open opp they send to me or i just check from time to time? thanks!

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