Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bingo for Fun

New Year celebration I think is the most celebrated in our family because all members of the family are gathered. So the last time celebration, everybody is awake waiting for the clock to strikes at 12 am. There are different activities happened that day like videoke, chitchatting, picture taking, games, raining of coins and paper bills, we even played bingo that time. My sister brought a bingo game and even my nieces and nephew participated in the game I think it’s their first time to play bingo. I even joined them but not lucky enough to win. There is money involved but only 1 or 5 peso not sure for every card that will be using; we just did it for fun so the pot money is just small. Doing thing like this is really enjoyable and exciting anyway, while surfing the net I open a bingo sites and I was surprised to see how big the prices are. There are lots of bonuses given not only that you can chat with other players. I think that is cool because you will be able to make friends with players.

So are you by any chance participated on a bingo games online? I think its fun maybe I should try this bingo online site and try my luck.


Dhemz said...

buti pa dito busy na busy ang biz...ehehehhe!

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