Sunday, December 19, 2010


I was encouraged to write a post about Nokia C7 because something strange happened today. The nokia phone that I am using for a long time was lost early this morning. I am sure that I didn’t misplace it because I make sure that it was on my bag at all times. So maybe there is someone who grabs it, how i am really clueless! There is a feeling of sadness but if I have to think of this I will just feel depressing at all times. And I believe that whatever has lost on you it will go back twice or even more. So I decided to join “my Christmas wish this year” and maybe this will be a blessing for me J

I will be very happy if I will receive Nokia C7 this Christmas. I love Nokia because they are user friendly and easy to be with. One of my favorite things about Nokia C7 is that we can be connected on our family and friends. We love Facebook and Twitter right? This cellphone will give us the opportunity to tweet and message our love ones anytime of the daysAnd since I was online most of the time, this Nokia C7 will really give a difference for the reason that I will no longer use laptop at all times. Nokia C7 will be the key to a convenient way of getting connected 24/7.
Other features why I love Nokia C7 are their mobile entertainment capability. With their 8 megapixel camera I am pretty sure that they will capture high-quality photos and even HD video. Even watching on web TV is available with this Nokia C7. We can also listen to music on car stereo with the built-in FM transmitter. And the best part is that we can play music out loud because of the Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9, so I think this is the best mobile phone that I will receive especially this Holiday.

I know it’s not easy to get this awesome cellphone but I am fingers crossed that I will get a hold on this. And finally - to experience all the features they promised. 


honey said...

.nwala cp mu?how sad...

RyHeAnNe said...

Try mo miscall sis baka namisplaace lang, good luck sa contest.

Madali lang naman mgkaroo ng domain sis bili ka lang then set-up mo sa blogger. Settings then publishing and so on..di ko alam about yang self hosted na yan (haha) hindi ba kapag my own domain ka self hosted na yon?

carinamodella said...

wow, nice phone! goodluck and hope you get it this christmas.

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