Monday, December 13, 2010

I should not join!

I’m not fond of joining PTC sites now it looks like I am scammed with my two ptc sites. I’m talking about cashium and osmanlibux although cashium is still working I will not waste my time working with them. I am nearly with my payout but something strange happened with them. I can’t access my account and after a couple of week’s cashium finally back to business. When I checked my earnings it turns to zero oh my, oh my! I’m working with them for a couple of months then my work will turn to trashcan and the sad part I didn’t get any fee.

Now, how osmanlibux turn scam for me? I’m not really sure if it’s scammed already but I can’t access my account now. I got a small amount with them and I am expecting to get my second payment but as I said I can’t connect with the site. Are you a member of them? Still working? I think I will not join PTC again except if there is reliable one. But talking about reliable I can address it with Trekpay, Neobux and onbux. They are legit ptc sites! Anyway, care to share your online works, thanks much! Till my next post J


RyHeAnNe said...

Ang Cashium eh new ownership na sis, kaya ang balance eh reset to ZERO. Ang new owner eh bagong owner ng Palmbux. Mukhang legitimate naman kc ang palmbux eh paying naman with the new owner.

Ang Osmanlibux eh, kailangan mo mag-invest bago ka mkpgwithdraw. May $1 na sana ako doon, kaya tinamad na ako click kc di ko mwithdraw. Hehe

Meron pang ibang trusted PTC sites so far doon ako ngfofocus, ang bagal na ng earning sa Trekpay.. :-(

Steven Luck said...

Just be patient, Mona... hehehe. I suggest not ever joining PTC which uses template like Osmanlibux.. Hehe, that's why I asked you not to put too much effort in it, but since it paid at first, then it's ok. But, when it started to regularly change the terms of service, then it's time to stop ^^

New PTCs are just unpredictable... hehehe

Nash Fernando said...


diba i told u that they're up na? edi ako tinuloy ko. siguro naka 8 clicks pa lang ako kaso nawala nanaman ung site as i continue! nung binuksan ko ulit after 2 days yata, back to zero nanaman! GGRRR! don't go back to cashium talaga mona! super nakakadismaya!

humble opinion by sirrob said...

Grab it when they are still paying but never invest in any PTC. It's been a long while already since I stop joining PTC though there are still some sites that I am a member but no longer active.

Dhemz said...

some of them are legit...I used to do PTC, but I don't earn much from it takes time...kaya nag stop ako.

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