Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Lightings in Lucena

Only 15 days to go and its Christmas time once again. We can see different ornaments hanging everywhere in the house, streets, malls, and almost all places. I got the chance to shoot some photos in the Switch on Ceremony for City Christmas Decorations held in the City Hall of Lucena 5 hours ago.  Here are some photos saying "Merry Christmas"

Then we visited the mall near the city hall, surprisingly there are Christmas decorations now the last time we visited it few days ago it was not present .  So we grab the camera again and pose, pose and pose. J

Advance merry Christmas everyone, peace, love … love …. and more love J


Kayce said...

wow! ang ganda naman dyan sa lugar nyo sis! daming lights! so colorful! ;)

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