Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tiring Sunday but Fun!

It’s a tiring Sunday; we started the day by attending the mass in the mall. After that we had our lunch. Kyla wants to play already so I let her …I forgot the name of the playroom, lolz. Anyway, she played for 30 minutes this is cost less than $2. Here are some photos:

After 30 minutes and time to go out the playroom, she does not insist to play more that’s better hehe. Its Kyla’s first time to play in that place and I saw how much she enjoyed it.
After this we go window shopping, read some used books that are on sale, have some short snacks and go walking again around the mall. Then I told kyla that we have to go home but she insists to go in another mall which is near to the house so we dropped by before we go home. Same thing we go window shopping and bought some foods to carry in the house.

After a day long; eating, walking and playing Kyla still not tired, when we got home she played with her cousin and watch going bulilit show from abs-cbn. Before the end of the show, she was sleepy already so I let her sleep.
Hmmm... See you on my next post, need to rest also, Yikes! Headache.


kimmy said...

hey! that was so much fun!

Tina said...

glad she finally had a sleep so you could have a well deserved break. fun for them but not so much for mums most of the time haha

Tina from
Mummy Diaries

genny said...

nice pictures, looks like she is enjoying it and a good day of bonding. nice post mona..cheers!

Dhemz said...

it's worth it...she looks like she had fun....:)

chubskulit said...

supah cute talaga ng little girl mo sis, kakagigil hehehe. Following this blog na din..

Smarla said...

Kids really don't get tired easily! But when they do, they just suddenly drop dead on their beds. Hahaha :) i'm sure you guys had fun despite getting so tired afterwards

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