Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Problem with my entrecard profile pic

Yesterday on my blog I said that I’m beginning to like my Entrecard especially now that I am familiarizing how the site works. But of course, again thanks to all bloggers who help me. But still have the problem I can’t see the link to change my current pic. I need to change it as soon as possible many bloggers doesn’t know that it’s my blog because of the pic I have there. I already checked my dashboard, my entrecard and edit button but here’s what I got. Where the link is so I can change my current pic? Still there’s no answer from the entrecard team L


Site type     
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When clicked, your Entrecard will link to this URL
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Mama Mia said...

hi mommy mona! it's mama mia from "online confessions of a stay-at-home mom".

you know, i have never tried entrecard. i've heard about it but have never really taken the time to really learn about it. i might just start soon.

by the way...thank you so much for dropping by my site and for leaving a comment :)

Kayce said...

yun din ang problema ko sa entrecard sis... di nila tinatanggap yung 125 x 125 banner ko.. please inform me if ok na yung sayo at ano ang ginawa mo, ok? thanks!

Vernz said...

hi sis, for a while I stop using entrecard because of virus ... but now I guess they have fixed it already...

Silvergirl said...

hey Mona,

Just go to your dashboard, you can see there: Your entrecard with picture -->click edit, you will direct to your Setting, then count from the top in the 4th line you will see CHOOSE FILE click and pick your 125x125 ads.. be sure to crop your ads so it will be upload.. hope this will help you

w0rkingAth0mE said...

Ok na entrecard image ko thanks sa mga tumulong and silvergirl thanks a lot sis =)

Silvergirl said...

your welcome :)

supermommyjem said...

hi sis,

Recently I added my banner but they didn't accept it. Di ko pa ko nag 2nd try pero yung isang site ko tinanggap naman nila I think may error sa system nila... ANyway try ko uli i-add.. Always adgitizing here and dropping ec. :)

zh3en22 said...

good to know you already fixed your problem with Entrecard.

annpod said...

hi mona. :-)

I have linked you on my blogs to love!

Fellow bloggers, if you want have free advertisement from me, read on:

Gee of said...

you need to click Entrecard style (the one where your settings was set to "orange" then select "uploaded image".

hope it helps.

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