Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My pagerank is 2 ... yehey!

When I started my blog last year I didn’t think about Pagerank. I just post and post any topic that I have an interest. I never thought that Pagerank has a value on a site. So I made some research about it and check my rank in but it gives me NA result or Not Available. I’ve been checking my PR every week just to see if there is changes in the result but still the result was NA. But last night after two months of checking this is what I got 2/10. I’m happy for me it’s an achievement as a blogger. Added to that is my Alexa Ranking from 2 million down to 407, 000 now, and it keeps on decreasing day by day J

Pagerank checking results:

Web Page URL:
The Page Rank:

- 2/10
(the page rank value is 2 from 10 possible points)


kat said...

Congrats! mine is still hiding somewhere lol.

Thanks for the visit and comment anyway.

genny said...

hi, congrats! thats my problem too, pr is i pray that i will have pr soon even just 1. is it a big factor if you have less rank in alexa? thanks!

picture and poker said...

kainggit naman... congrats... sana maging ganyan din ang website ko...

noypi said...

Wow! Congrats! Zero pa sa akin pero okay lang medyo maganda din naman ang ibang stats.

Goddluck sa atin!

Llama's Journal said...

So google finally updated PRs? WOW! I must check mine!

Your links is already added on my blogroll. Just click my name and you will be redirect to my new blogroll. Please add me too. Let me know please.


supermommyjem said...

Yehey congrats! Mine is still PR2, I am now managing my online friends blog list I will add you there and kindly add me too here. I will also

Also I would like to promote my other site Experience of a super mommy I hope you can visit and connect.

Thanks and Happy Blogging!

Always seeing your blog in adgitize network!

Silvergirl said...

congrats sis :)

annpod said...

hi, I checked your blogroll and mine's not appearing yet. Let me know if you're having issues.

carinamodella said...

congrats! mine is still N/A...lols

zoan said...

YAY. congrats. same tayo, check din ako ng check. hahaha buti kagabi este nung isang araw, PR3 na ang akin! ehehehe

Kayce said...

woohoo! congrats sis! more paid opps to come!

gingersweets said...

wow!.. congrats..
my other blog Loitering and Noticing got a page rank of 2 too but i started it years ago.. i recently moved Sane Insanity from my friendster blog to blogger and i hope it would get pr soon.. :)

fedhz said...

I'm happy for you sis! Tuloy tuloy na yan! just continue learning. I'm just here if you have questions.

blankPixels said...

Wow! Congratulations!

I just lost my PR4, but I'm still trying to have it reconsidered. A li'l disheartening, but I'm hopeful.

Okay, didn't mean to ruin anything, but I'm sincerely congratulating you! Keep it up! :)

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