Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fifth payment in Trekpay

Trekpay sent another payment to my paypal account. It’s a good feeling knowing that your work has been rewarded, right? This is my fifth payment already and so far, I can say this is the best PTC for me.
If you’re not yet a member just click the banner below and start earning money online.

Q How is money earned?
 A Earning money is easy with Trek. The more active you are, the faster you get to our maximum payout. A member is awarded credits each time they do one of the following.

1. When a member does a search and visits one of our Clients websites, credits are given.

2. If a member refers another person to TrekPay or Trek Advertising they are awarded credits.

Each Week Trek will share in its profit by placing a dollar amount on each credit. The more credits you have earned the higher the payout.

Another way to earn is "sales Commissions" 

When a member is credited with a sale from Trek Advertising they will receive an immediate deposit into their back office account.

It pays to advertise your referral page!


Cyntia said...

slmd ya kak.. tuk pembayaran ke 5 na.. jgn lupa traktiran na xixixixi

gingersweets said...

wow.. congrats... meron din ako trekpay.. pero ang bagal ng earnings ko.. how long did you reach cashout?

Dhemz said...

wow ang galing naman sis...good for you!

Btw, you are invited to join my giveaway contest. Hope you can join us! Thanks....:)

LittlePeopleWealth said...

Good job :)

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