Friday, September 3, 2010

I have my badge yehey - credit to Eve

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Wow, I'm so grateful 
that i have friend like  Eve 
she's really a good pal. 
We don't see yet in person but she did many things to me already. I will not mention it one by one what can I say is that major major thank you talaga =) 

What will I do without you hahah, thank you for making my badge, it was cute.  Anyway, tomorrow is your birthday right just in case i'm not online for the reason that you knew hehe I'm giving you this one. 
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earn money online said...

Hi Mona,

Malapit nko maniwalang mabait pla ako.LOL Anyway, major major welcome and actually wala un. Thanks din sa pag greet. I'm actually not happy about it cause it only means tumatanda nko.hehe

I'm happy to have a friend like you! Hopefully, we'll get to meet each other in person someday. =)


Steven Luck said...

Congrats for the badge, Mona ^^ Nice one :D

Ahh, so Eve's birthday is tomorrow... Ehehehe... I'm now confused whether I should congrats her or not... lol... hehehe..

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