Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How I met Redamethyst?

I knew Red of Redamethyst for almost a year now; I met here through some social sites. I am even a follower of Earn Money online with Red for a long time already I think when I started my blogging career last year. Red blog was mostly about her quest on money making online. I am also connected with earning sites so I'm really cheerful knowing her. Because of her blog I continuously get some ideas about making money online, she brings new sites that offer income and I’m happy to see her proof of payment in every site she's associated ... which is my base on joining an earning sites. I hope Red will post more about her journey working online because it’s really a huge help to people like me a stay at home mom to earn something even just at home.

By the way, she was celebrating her first year in the world of blogging in return of her success as a blogger she was hosting a giveaway contest. So come and visit her blog.


andy cacho said... andy ...the owner of "chronos blog"..who posted"my first shares..."i happened to download the CitisecOnline 's Easy Investment Program FAQ's and turned it into a pdf file..soo if you can give me your email add...i'll be glad to send it to you thru email..its a small file ..won't bite eheheh..!

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