Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Google Adwords Free Advertising Voucher

Early this afternoon I got a letter from Google. And this was the content it's Google Adwords Free Advertising Voucher. This is valid until tomorrow, Sept. 30 for Php 1,500 or maybe around $40;  if i will not use it on the given date still its valid until October 15 but the value decreases to Php 1,000. 
I still don't know if this is applicable to my blog. But i hope it is so that in a way it can help my blog's popularity. 


blogcoholic said...

I also received such thing yesterday and I was really surprised about it. I'm also having a second thought whether i'll use it or not. if it will gain us more traffic so we better try it asap. :)

supermommyjem said...

Hi mona,

You're lucky to have a free ads voucher from google. Hope you can use it and may help your blog.

winter gurl said...

Congrat dear . Hope you gain a lot traffic through this free advertising.

Josie said...

I also received this voucher and this is the second one. I didn't use the first one coz I thought it was just a discount voucher if you regularly advertise with Google adwords.I better look at in again.:D

Anonymous said...

I received that thrice each one amounting to $100 free advertising. But it's useless for me because it's for websites. I don't think that's applicable for blogs because it requires keywords for advertising business....especially if a blog is not a "niche blog"---then that's useless.

gingersweets said...

i received this too... but i didnt use it... but i got excited when i received it.. lol

Eric : Manila Blog said...

It's not useless... you can actually use it to earn.

How? I'll make a post about this on my blog.

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