Friday, November 13, 2009

my new earning site

This is my new earning site SEARCH-PAY   I just grab the information in the site and posted it here. I dont know the credibility of the site and i guess its only new site but i just give it a try.  Anyway you will not work much in the site because we always used the search engine. So why not use this search-pay and earn while doing some search. 

Here are some FAQ's about the site.
At search-pay, we pay you for searching the web using multi-engine search technology. However, there are limits, restrictions and great features added to the program. First off, you will only be paid for up to 30 searches per day that are queried from our homepage.
You will only be paid $0.03 (3 cents) for every query performed from our homepage, up to 30 per day. If you max your paid queries for a day you will earn $.90 for the day.

You will be paid upon cashout, when your balance reaches $60.00 or more. The payment will be made within 24-72 hours if you chose PayPal / StormPay or 3-7 days if you chose to be paid with a check.

If you want to join  PLEASE JOIN HERE ITS FREE 


angryeve said...

Hi mona, thanks for sharing that site. I'll try checking that out. =)

single mom earning online

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