Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Its always nice to have friends ...

I dont have new earning sites to share  I remember some of my online friends said "Have time to relax"  so thats what i am doing now. Although still a tiring day for me because I have my daughter to take care. She's turning two next week - November 10 to be exact heheh. Some of my friends and online friends know whats happening in my life especially with my personal life. And i am glad that my families are supportive to me. And its a great feeling also because now i know whose really a friend. There are number of friends but only few considered "True" friend. So i am glad that during the time that i am really hopeless, i find true friend here. I never thought that you can have a true friend over the net and the fact that you dont see yet in person.

Please accept my sincere thank you Fedhz, Steven and Angryeve.
I am glad that ive known you guys. Because of your advices, words of wisdom and for listening to me during the time of loneliness. Your really a friend to me and i dont know how to thank you for wonderful care for me. So i think of writing this blog and dedicate this to the three lovely people. I really appreciate what you are doing to me and I hope you will still listen to me in good or bad times. Now, eventhough its really hard but I think its time to start a brand new day or I should say a brand new life for me and for my daughter.

I am glad that my daughter is with me she is my inspiration and also the advices of my relatives and friends. So help me God and promise to do my part. Before i end this one id like to share my daughter's picture whose also the reason why I am still alive =)


Steven Luck said...

Hi Mona, thank you ^^ That's friends for... hehehe, on hard times and in happy moments... True friends are like stars, you don't always see them, yet they are always there, when you need them ;) So, Jia you! Never give up! ^^

Btw, your daughter is cute :)

Juliana RW said...


Thanks for visit My Imaginary Travels blog :D

Curious Mind said...

Aw.. thank you din for appreciating my "advice". tska pasensya na kung mataray me or something. pero happy talaga ako makatulong, hihi. mahilig me makinig at dumaldal. hehe


angryeve said...


I'm really really sorry for checking out this post a bit late. I know you have informed me about this a few days back but I was just really busy... at least we have time to chat on

Anyway, thank you din and touch naman ako.. yihii Just remember to keep your faith intact. Stay happy my friend, dito lang ako. =)

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