Sunday, October 18, 2009

Its time to relax first ...back to earning site tomorrow!!!

Its Sunday once again as usual back to normal doings after a long time of loneliness, my daughter and I attended mass early in the morning. After that we just ate and go home after. I will not share any earning sites for this day, need some time to relax. Anyway, for the past days or let say weeks i was so depressed and even think some crazy things. But with the help of other people who really care for me I'm beginning to love my life again ... hopefully i will back soon to normal. Now, my inspiration is my daughter. I am glad that with her early age (celebrating her 2nd bday next month) I know she feels what i am going through. I am glad that she's with me and she even makes me smile and laugh everytime. I promised to her whatever will happen we will always be together no matter what.

I just want to share about this girl name Melissa, she's one of the housemate of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up or PBB. I'm sure you know her especially my fellow filipinos. As i said i am really hopeless, lonely, desperate what else :( for the past weeks but because of this girl you can see some smile in my face eversince i saw her in PBB. My tendency is to cry always everytime I will think about my problem but when i saw her i almost forget my problem even for a while. I really like this girl, her facial expression everytime Big Brother or "kuya" talked to her. She really makes me smile, i hope she will be the big winner but still its a long way to go before that grand event. Let me just show you the video of Melissa while doing Sara's hit song Forevers Not Enough, and I'm sure you will smile also =)



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