Thursday, September 24, 2009

Confused ...............

" Is is worth it to invest time with all my earning sites? I have to admit that i dont get enough money in a month, sometimes all my hardwork was paid after 2 months, so is it worth it? There are days that i consumed much of my time doing earning sites. And eventhough i am sleepy i have to finish my job in a day. I dont know what i feel right now, but this question was just comes to my mind.... Is is worth it?


Curious Mind said...

Hi, Mona. when I realized that I'm only earning less than $10 a month, I thought I should be doing something else. I think you should set yourself a goal.

Before I was contented with 30cents a day from Mylot, but that can't even buy me a shampoo. Imagine burning more than 3 hours just to reach that amount.

Right now, I'm earning like $100 a month and I think that's still not enough considering I am in front of the computer almost 5 hours a day.

Right now, I'm focusing on my blog and earning from other sites is like my sideline. If you wanna understand why, visit this page.


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