Thursday, August 27, 2009


Just reached another payout in joy-click, this is my third payment already. I dont get enough money here, just a few cents but i like the site because its genuine. We all know that 90% of PTC sites are scam, so glad that i find joy-click its one of the legit ptc site.
When i joined the site their minimum payout for paypal is just 2 cents, i easily reached it but i dont get it I wait until my earnings become 10 cents. When i reached it I withdraw the money and they send to my paypal account within 10 days, the second earnings i only reached 3 cents i withdraw it already, now their minimum payout became 20 cents by paypal different from alertpay i think its $2 (not sure). Anyway, hope they will credit my earnings in paypal within 10 days. Dont let me down i always said that your one of the legit PTC site for me heheh.

If you want to join its free just click the Banner, or you can sign up HERE


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